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(Hi everybody. I'm a teacher from Canada)

Version vom 7. Juni 2007, 05:52 Uhr

hello my name is <a href=>R</a><a href=>i</a><a href=>c</a><a href=>h</a><a href=>a</a><a href=>r</a><a href=>d</a> 

im in my very first teaching position i sometimes find it very hard <a href=>:D</a> im doing and apprenticeship child and <a href=>y</a><a href=>o</a><a href=>u</a><a href=>t</a><a href=>h</a> <a href=>w</a><a href=>o</a><a href=>r</a><a href=>k</a><a href=>e</a><a href=>r</a> <a href=>c</a><a href=>o</a><a href=>u</a><a href=>r</a><a href=>s</a><a href=>e</a> through <a href=>M</a><a href=>o</a><a href=>h</a><a href=>a</a><a href=>w</a><a href=>k</a> <a href=>C</a><a href=>o</a><a href=>l</a><a href=>l</a><a href=>e</a><a href=>g</a><a href=>e</a> my placement position is in an elementary <a href=>s</a><a href=>c</a><a href=>h</a><a href=>o</a><a href=>o</a><a href=>l</a> and im actually doing more work than the actual teacher any advice that <a href=>a</a><a href=>n</a><a href=>y</a><a href=>o</a><a href=>n</a><a href=>e</a> could give would be very helpful especially if it deals with how to get all of the grade 7 and 8 girls off my back!!! lol thanks, Richard