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Autor: Petri Hintukainen


  Simple subtitle viewer for text subtitle files.
  Currently supports only .sub file format.

  Subtitle files are loaded automatically from VDR's recording
  directory (where recording's files, like info.vdr, are stored).

  This plugin is intended to be used when replaying
  DivX -> VDR transcoded files with external subtitles.


  Tested with vdr-1.3.34 and vdr-1.3.43.

  VDR must be patched with vdr-subtitles plugin's patch
  (non-interactive OSD).

Notes when used with (original) VDR recordings:

  Recording must be cutted so that there is no extra material
  (like commercials) at beginning or middle of recording.

  If anything is cutted out from middle of recording,
  stream must be modified so that timestamps are contignous again.


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