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arghDirector ist eine Modifikation des director-plugins.


Letztes Update 07/2008


Version Datum Beschreibung Link
0.2.4 14.09.2005
  • added the option Display info on channel change
  • added German translations for the setup
  • bugfix: update the linked channel info
  • bugfix: start the plugin on a channel without link infos
0.2.3 06.08.2005
  • bugfix: now the channel 10 can be selected with 1 and 0
  • updated the diff for the vdr
  • now you can start the plugin on a linked channel
0.2.2 04.06.2005
  • added the option Potral mode
  • added the option Swap Up Down
  • changed the left right keys, see the README
0.2.1 14.09.2004
  • the osd now has the right dimensions
  • the up/down keys are now working correctly
0.2.0 10.09.2004
  • added a setup option to hide the main menu entry
  • added a osd to view the available channels
0.1.0 05.09.2004
  • Initial revision.

Aktuelle Version

0.2.6d (Mirror)


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