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Autor: Thorsten Scheck

Sortiert Kanäle nach den Vorgaben der Konfigurations-Datei (autosort.conf). Sortierkriterien können alle Eigenschaften eines Kanals sein (z. B. Name, Audiosprache, etc.). Damit können neue Kanäle und solche, deren Kennungen sich ändern, automatisch an die richtige Stelle einsortiert werden. Man kann sowohl die komplette Liste als auch nur Teile davon automatisch sortieren lassen.


Es wird davon ausgegangen, dass das Plugin bereits entpackt und verlinkt wurde, siehe Plugin Installation. Hiermit wird die (anzupassende) Konfig.-Datei an die richtige Stelle geschoben:

cp $SOURCEDIR/VDR/PLUGINS/src/autosort/autosort.conf $VDRCONFIG/plugins


Zur Zeit (6/2007) gibt es eine Version 0.1.3, die zum erstenmal komplett im Hintergrund läuft (threading) und mehrere Konfig.-Dateien verwenden kann. Leider hat diese Version ein paar Probleme. So kommt es zu Problemen, wenn das $VDRCONFIG-Verzeichnis an einer anderen Stelle liegt als das $VIDEODIR-Verzeichnis


Version Datum Beschreibung Link
0.1.3 18.03.2007
  • added debugging-messages to cAutoGroup::ChannelFitsGroup, switch on by uncommenting the '#define DEBUG_CFG' statement in autogroup.c if you like/need
  • extended 'ICanSee' to (HasOpenProvider || HasNoCa || HasOpenCa).
  • fixed saving menuValues and lastTimeStamp
  • fixed crashing after last channel
  • added some statistics about running time and estimated end into setup menu
  • fixed some big mem-leaks (thanks to Tobias Grimm for his script and patch)
  • fixed using cPlugin::ConfigDirectory() in thread
0.1.2 26.03.2006
  • rewrote the setupmenu
  • added possibility for additional config files under /video/plugins/autosort. Each file has to be named exactly like the depending group and takes the same arguments like autosort.conf (one each line, closed with a ":") (based on a suggestion from Lauri Tischler)
  • added a check for double values in multiple-options.
  • implemented [Open|Closed][Ca|Provider]. Config file is /video/plugins/autosort/opengroups.conf
  • changed to dynamic structured multi-option-lists. There is no more limit for multi-options now. (as suggested by Sami J. Maekiner)
  • added script "" that generates two files "opengroups.conf.template[1|2]" from channels.conf. Both contain the same data just in different sortion. Take the one you like.
  • moved ChannelFitGroup() and ModifyChannelToGroup() into cAutoGroup.
  • added new option 'ICanSee' which is (HasOpenProvider || HasNoCa).
0.1.1 17.02.2006
  • starting AutoSort as thread now.
  • forced Setup.Save after setting TimeStamps.
  • changed ChannelChecking-Algo from Group-based to Channel-based.
  • No OSD-Messages at the moment - VDR crashes if receiving messages from different threads.
  • moved the if-conditions wheater to write TimeStamps or not into SetTimeStamp function.
0.0.10 25.03.2006
  • splitted autosort.c in several [hc]-files (thanks to Udo Richter for solving my linker problem) the MAXAUTOOPTIONS #define is located in autogroup.h
  • added a hint to README's "Known Bugs" about not running AutoSort without watchdog (thanks to Herbert Attenberger for reporting that)
  • fixed a missing = in Print()-function (Thanks to Trois Six for reporting that).
  • added missing check for 'HasApid' in cAutoGroup::Parse() (got lost in 0.0.9)
0.0.9 08.01.2006
  • Now using a #define for the maximum number of multiple options. Default set to 64, increase it if you need.
  • Fixed a bug that created double group entrys in case 'Auto Sort' is the very first group. (Thanks to Celica for reporting that)
  • Changed TimeStamps that way that the short name is still readable. (Thank to Celica for reporting this)
  • Added another alarm() to prevent watchdog expiring on large groups.
0.0.8 09.12.2005
  • Added setting TimeStamps and option 'TimeStamp' to catch channels that haven't updated for some days.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented to move a group that contains a channel with same name like the group.
  • Speeded up group moving in case a group has to move downwards.
  • Fixed channel moving to hit the right group at first run now.
  • Added option 'NotProvider' to exclude a provider from a group.
  • Added fixedPositions for 'Auto Sort', 'Unsorted' and 'New Channels'.
0.0.7 21.11.2005
  • Corrected order of 'SubSection'-groups. The 'digits' group is first now.
  • Implemented option 'FixedPos' to assign a fixed channel number to a group.
  • Adapted a patch to get rid of some compiler warnings (thanks to Frank Scherthan for providing it)
  • Added another sorting method witch ignores spaces and special chars and orders numbers correctly. You can switch back to the old lexically sortion it in Setup Menu.
  • Added detailed description about how AutoSort does it's job to reduce users confusion.
  • Raised default OSD-message level to 2.
  • Fix a bug who moved a channel after the group it should be put in.
0.0.6 14.11.2005
  • Added a Setup Menu (described in README)
  • Added multi-level OSD-Messages to let you know whats going on
  • You can reload config and start a complete AutoSort-Run from mainmenu, but VDR is unusable for this time (20min here). !!! USE WITH CARE !!
  • Housekeeping will be interrupted by any remote key now
  • Implemented 'SetCaFF' and 'SetCa0'. You need the patch to delete Ca special values (autosort will tell you)
0.0.5 10.11.2005
  • Fixed a minor compiler warning
  • Added option 'StartName' witch checks the first character of the channel-name
  • Added option 'NotName' to exclude names or parts of them
  • Added option 'HasSource' to seperate by different satellites (as requested by Frank Scherthan)
  • Fixed some minor bugs in function 'ChannelFitsGroup'
  • Added missing syslog-entry if config file wasn't found (thanks to Lauri Tischler for reporting this)
  • Implemented option 'SubSections' witch splits a group into sub-groups A - Z
  • Raised some important messages from debug- to error-log-level
0.0.4 06.11.2005
  • Fixed a bug who prevents moving a channel into an empty 'Unsorted' Group
  • Now checking just one group per call. This results in earlier comeback (max 10s) and therewith watchdog doesn't kick in anymore, but takes longer to sort.
  • Error catching if an AutoGroup name is given twice.
  • Error catching if an unallowed AutoGroup name is given.
  • Changed Group-sorting on startup, it's a bit quicker now.
0.0.3 21.10.2005
  • Implemented the configuration file autosort.conf and therefore did a complete rewrite. Except 'Auto Sort' and 'Unsorted' all groups are widely configurable now.
0.0.2 12.09.2005
  • Re-Check Free [TV|Radio] if a Ca value has added and move to specified group
  • Added alphabetically sort inside the groups
0.0.1 11.09.2005
  • 'Auto Sort' adds the group delimiters 'New Free TV`, 'New Free Radio', 'New Encryted TV', 'New Encrypted Radio', 'New Data' and 'Unsorted'
  • It sort's channels from 'Unsorted' to the specific group by analysing the pid's


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