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Fernsteuerung des VDR per Android.


Letztes Update 03/2013

Detaillierte Beschreibung

If you have a VDR at home reachable over the internet and own a mobile phone running Android then you possibly find this program useful. Using it you can

  • Version 0.1
    • list the EPG filtered by time or channel
    • show EPG details
    • search EPG for some simple text
    • list, modify, delete or (de)activate timers
    • create timers from EPG events
    • remote wakeup VDR host using HTTP requests
  • Version 0.2 (not yet final)
    • New Startscreen
    • List recordings (streaming and delete is on the agenda)
    • Android Search Manager Support (not 100% implemented, but on release 0.2 it will be done)
    • New Channel View with channel groups and provider grouping, etc.
    • Type & Filter on the list views with highlighting
    • Streaming with or without remux.
    • short text to the epg entry added (e.g. Actionthriller, etc)
    • WOL
    • ...


git clone http://projects.vdr-developer.org/git/vdr-manager.git

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